sunset aura


~ Please allow 2-6 weeks for dispatching of these pieces.

~ 6 individual pieces of glass hanging from a brass tube using a waxed black thread.

~ Ready-to-hang with attached black chain. It can be displayed in a window or on a wall.

~ The green glass piece from the right has an iridescent coating that will show up depending on the light.

~ Glass piece measures approximately 26.5x26 cm. at tallest/widest and a total of 58.5 cm. tall including the chain.

~ Handmade in East London.

This piece was created using the Tiffany stained glass method.
After designing the piece, drawing it by hand or in Illustrator, I choose my glass colors and transfer the design into the glass.
I hand cut each piece, grind the edges smooth, clean them and wrap them in copper foil tape.
After that, I reassemble all the pieces and solder them together using lead-tin solder.
Later I apply patina for its color and finally polish them for protection and some shine.
Every piece requires several hours to be made.

Due to the nature of its materials and being completely handmade, each piece color and shapes can slightly vary and have some imperfections.
It’s not due to lack of care, it’s just part of the process. But that is what makes them so special! No two pieces are the same :)

Solder contains lead, please keep away from kids and pets, and wash your hands after manipulating it.