All my new pieces are made of fused glass.

After designing the piece, drawing it by hand or in Illustrator, I choose my glass colors and transfer the design onto the glass.

Then, I hand cut each piece: I score the glass with a glass cutter making little imperfections in the glass that will allow me to break it following the design. The glass cutter is not sharp, it’s a small wheel that rolls along the glass. This takes a lot of practice and patience!

After cutting all the pieces, next step is to grind them (with a special grinding machine) to perfect the shape.

Then I need to clean them thoroughly before placing them inside the kiln.

They are fired on a glass kiln at more than 700°C for more than 19 hours to create those rounded edges that give the perfect finish to each glass piece!

Final step is to drill the holes and assemble it.

Each piece is lovingly crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty, and requires several hours to be made.

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