How It's Made

All my pieces are created using the Tiffany method for stained glass.

After designing the piece, drawing it by hand or in Illustrator, I choose my glass colors and transfer the design into the glass.

Then, I hand cut each piece: I score the glass with a glass cutter making little imperfections in the glass that will allow me to break it following the design. The glass cutter is not sharp, it’s a small wheel that rolls along the glass. This takes a lot of practice and patience!

After cutting all the pieces, next step is to grind them (with a special grinding machine) to make the edges smooth and make them fit together. This is like putting together a puzzle, but out of glass.

Then I need to clean them thoroughly and wrap them in copper foil tape.

After that, I reassemble all the pieces and solder them together using lead-tin solder.

Later I apply a dark patina for its color and finally polish them with a special compound that gives them protection and some shine.

Every piece requires several hours to be made.

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